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Thursday, February 2, 2012

College and Association of Registered Nurses Response to Alberta Joining the Health Council of Canada

Dianne Dyer is the President of the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta.

As professionals, registered nurses value decisions based on sound evidence and ongoing monitoring and evaluation of outcomes.  If progress towards a goal is not measured, the goal may be achieved but the benefits may not be recorded to inform practices.   The Health Council of Canada plays a key role in providing information to inform the decisions made by governments.  That is one of the reasons Alberta’s registered nurses and nurse practitioners are very pleased that the Alberta government has chosen to join the Council.    

With Alberta as a member of the Council, there will be valuable opportunities to measure both provincial and national progress towards identified health outcomes.  The Council will gain increased access to Alberta data, leading to more comprehensive national monitoring, reporting and benchmarking.
As a Council member, Alberta will have a new forum for sharing innovative ideas and for collaboration to address health issues that impact all Canadians.    Like every jurisdiction in Canada, Alberta is unique, and Council membership provides a chance to showcase provincial innovations which may contribute to solutions for other jurisdictions in areas such as primary health care and health technologies.  The Council’s focus on areas such as the state of home care and its integration with primary, acute and long-term care and health human resource planning will improve accountability and promote resolution of these issues.
We are very pleased with our government’s decision to join the Council and become an active partner at the national level in renewal of our health system.

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